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Sponsor A Golden - The Missouri 14!

Sponsor A Golden - The Missouri 14!


In November 2017, GRRACE worked with a wonderful couple from the Golden Retriever Puppy Mill Rescue Team to rescue 13 Goldens in Missouri. After 17 years, the "breeder" was shutting down his business. GRRACE rented a cargo van, and two dedicated volunteers left on a Friday night, drove all night, were exposed to some pretty ugly things all day on Saturday, loaded dogs, drove 10 hours back to Indy and arrived at 3:30 am on Sunday.  GRRACE rescued 7 of the 13 Goldens, with the other six being rescued by the puppy mill rescue team that we partnered with. We affectionately named our seven rescues the "Missouri 7".  
The GRRACE Board greeted the dogs when they arrived in Indy, promised them that life starts "now"; and assures them that they are no longer just animals with numbers. Within a couple of hours of being in the presence of Golden lovers, they realized that this gig just might be okay, and they went from shivering in fear to exploring each and every one of us to see who gave the best kisses and scratches!  Seven wonderful foster homes came out in the wee hours of the morning to meet these wonderful Goldens, and each was matched up with the foster that appeared to be the best for each of their personalities. We rescued five young boys and two gorgeous little girls--most of them being between 6-12 months of age and the oldest being 3 1/2 years old.  All will be altered, the cost of which adds up when a rescue is dealing with seven new rescues at one time. Thank you for helping GRRACE offset the cost of their medical care. 
Nov. 19 Update:  The Missouri 7 will all be examined by veterinarians this week, so it's possible their medical expenses will increase.  There is also the possibility that one or both females is pregnant.  We'll update this sponsorship story as things unfold.
Jan. 1 Update:  Maddie from the MO7 was in fact pregnant and delivered seven beautiful pups on December 22.  Maddie's last litter arrived in a loving, warm home, and we're happy to report both Mom and babies are doing well.  Now, the Missouri 7 is the Missouri 14!


Sponsoring a GRRACE dog gives their forever-home dreams a chance to come true. Each GRRACE golden comes to us with needs. Some are simple, like a vet check-up and food in their foster home. Many are more complex, with costs for medical treatments, spay/neutering, and long term foster care. Often, the costs of our foster dogs are much more than the adoption fee we ask from adopters.

Through this donation service, you can sponsor one of the Goldens currently in foster care. Your sponsorship will be recognized on that dog's page, and in our monthly newsletter.

When you sponsor a Golden, your sponsorship greatly helps to offset the cost of caring for that Golden from the day they arrive until they jump in the car, give their foster parents a lick good-bye, and never look back.


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