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Sponsor A Golden - Louie

Sponsor A Golden - Louie


Louie came to GRRACE in August 2017 as a 10 month old puppy that his owners no longer wanted. Upon arriving at his foster home, his foster parents noticed something very wrong with his back legs and hind end. X-rays, an MRI, and a neurology consult determined that he has fluid on his spine, which is pushing on nerves. GRRACE was given no history of his past vet care, we are starting from scratch to determine what is wrong. It could be congenital or it could be trauma. We are in a wait-and-observe state for the next 3 months - his foster parents send monthly updates to the neurologist with pictures and videos. In January, we will do another MRI, and decide what is next - it may be surgery or it may be medications.
Louie is a sweet, sweet boy with so much love to give. He enjoys running and playing in the yard, wrestling with his foster sisters, and snuggling on the couch or in bed. His most favorite thing is his glow-in-the dark Chuck-It...he likes to take it to the top of the stairs, drop it down, and chase it. We hope that Louie has a long, full life ahead of him with legs that will someday work as they should.


Sponsoring a GRRACE dog gives their forever-home dreams a chance to come true. Each GRRACE golden comes to us with needs. Some are simple, like a vet check-up and food in their foster home. Many are more complex, with costs for medical treatments, spay/neutering, and long term foster care. Often, the costs of our foster dogs are much more than the adoption fee we ask from adopters.

Through this donation service, you can sponsor one of the Goldens currently in foster care. Your sponsorship will be recognized on that dog's page, and in our monthly newsletter.

When you sponsor a Golden, your sponsorship greatly helps to offset the cost of caring for that Golden from the day they arrive until they jump in the car, give their foster parents a lick good-bye, and never look back.


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