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Sponsor A Golden - Leo

Sponsor A Golden - Leo


Leo is a sweet 6 yr old Golden Retriever who came to GRRACE with some weakness in his rear end and cancer in one of his toes. The cancer in his toe was successfully removed, and thankfully was not the type of cancer that spreads! However the issue of his back end still needed to be investigated. During an MRI, a lesion was found on Leo's spine, so a biopsy of the spinal matter was completed to rule out the cause being related to the issue in his toe. The biopsy indicated no cancer, but shortly after, Leo lost nearly all use of his back end. Several days after surgery, Leo was showing no signs of improving. Another MRI was done and revealed a blood clot. Back under the knife Leo went to remove the clot and prevent further bleeding. There is now slight improvement in Leo's back end, however it will take weeks of physical therapy for Leo to recover from the spinal cord trauma. Leo's medical expenses are nearing $10,000, and the amount continues to grow with physical therapy and additional medical appointments. We at GRRACE are confident that Leo is on the right track and are fully committed to his recovery. Thank you for your help and support of GRRACE and specifically Leo.


Sponsoring a GRRACE dog gives their forever-home dreams a chance to come true. Each GRRACE golden comes to us with needs. Some are simple, like a vet check-up and food in their foster home. Many are more complex, with costs for medical treatments, spay/neutering, and long term foster care. Often, the costs of our foster dogs are much more than the adoption fee we ask from adopters.

Through this donation service, you can sponsor one of the Goldens currently in foster care. Your sponsorship will be recognized on that dog's page, and in our monthly newsletter.

When you sponsor a Golden, your sponsorship greatly helps to offset the cost of caring for that Golden from the day they arrive until they jump in the car, give their foster parents a lick good-bye, and never look back.


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