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Sponsor A Golden - Goose

Sponsor A Golden - Goose


Goose is a sweet, loving 2-year old boy who came to us in mid-November 2017 after his owner relinquished him to a local Animal Control facility.  Goose spent much of his young life being tethered to a tree and supposedly had an issue with a boy who tried to take Goose's stick away from him.  Since late November, Goose has been in the care of a renowned dog trainer and behavioral expert who is helping Goose overcome resource guarding issues.  Goose continues to make significant progress, and we're so hopeful for a wonderful future for this sweet young boy.  Goose's expenses as of early January 2018 are nearly $3,000, and that amount will increase as Goose continues to get the help he needs.  Thank you for helping GRRACE offset the cost of Goose's expenses.


Sponsoring a GRRACE dog gives their forever-home dreams a chance to come true. Each GRRACE golden comes to us with needs. Some are simple, like a vet check-up and food in their foster home. Many are more complex, with costs for medical treatments, spay/neutering, and long term foster care. Often, the costs of our foster dogs are much more than the adoption fee we ask from adopters.

Through this donation service, you can sponsor one of the Goldens currently in foster care. Your sponsorship will be recognized on that dog's page, and in our monthly newsletter.

When you sponsor a Golden, your sponsorship greatly helps to offset the cost of caring for that Golden from the day they arrive until they jump in the car, give their foster parents a lick good-bye, and never look back.


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