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Sponsor A Golden - Rudy

Sponsor A Golden - Rudy


Rudy came to GRRACE and us on September 2 through Indianapolis Animal Care Services. His family brought him in to be euthanized, stating that he was blind, could not hear, was not eating, and very sick! Although this guy has many, many lumps and bumps (all of which are fatty deposits), according to the vet he is:
1. Definitely not blind and not going blind. He does have clouding which means he probably does not see as well, especially at night.
2. Definitely not deaf -- even I could tell you that! Like most guys (!) he has "selective" hearing.
3. When he came home, we immediately fed him. He ate everything we served him, plus dug into the self-feed bowl that we leave out during the day. Hmmm?!
4. Sick? Not according to all the blood work we did on him!
The vet did find a growth on this upper front gum that we did not notice and the owners did not mention. The initial bill for the cleaning and biopsy was $1,700.  Based on the biopsy results, an extensive mass removal (including bone removal) was needed, and the cost of that procedure was close to $3,500. 
Rudy, or Rude as we like to call him, is one of the sweetest dogs we've ever met. He will gladly sit for you all day and let you pet him. He comes up and leans his head into you -- I think it is his way of hugging you. He doesn't give kisses (which is a first for us), but he loves it when you kiss him on his big nose!
There is really not much more to say, except ... "What in the heck were they thinking?!" This big guy (97 lbs!) is definitely not ready for the Rainbow Bridge.  Thank you for helping GRRACE offset Rudy's medical expenses. 


Sponsoring a GRRACE dog gives their forever-home dreams a chance to come true. Each GRRACE golden comes to us with needs. Some are simple, like a vet check-up and food in their foster home. Many are more complex, with costs for medical treatments, spay/neutering, and long term foster care. Often, the costs of our foster dogs are much more than the adoption fee we ask from adopters.

Through this donation service, you can sponsor one of the Goldens currently in foster care. Your sponsorship will be recognized on that dog's page, and in our monthly newsletter.

When you sponsor a Golden, your sponsorship greatly helps to offset the cost of caring for that Golden from the day they arrive until they jump in the car, give their foster parents a lick good-bye, and never look back.


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